After 20 years in enterprise software, I have learned a lot but continue to learn new things every day. ProductFix shares insights into the strategies and practices used to tackle the challenges faced by Product Leaders today. Each newsletter will focus on a single topic to provide sufficient depth to understand if the concepts apply and stoke your interest in further research.

There is a slant toward B2B enterprise software, however, many topics can apply to different technology products and services. The target audience is those leading or aspiring to lead product management and product marketing organizations.

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Sean Sullivan is the VP of Product @ Fairwords. Previously, he was an independent product consultant helping enterprise software companies tackle the challenges of entering new markets, becoming competitive, and (most challenging) sustaining competitiveness. His consulting practice is/was called Product Stride and he can be reached via LinkedIn, Twitter, or directly by email at Sean[at]ProductStride.com.

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Sean Sullivan

VP Product @ Fairwords | 20 years in B2B product and still learning